I would like to make a statement. A statement that is known but easy forgotten, namely: that music lets you escape the speed of life. The life of the Western World: the hasty sphere where we live in nowadays.

Music has the ability to make you breath calmly, feeling happy and powerful. For a few minutes you subsist in a different world. Entering a new universe – contemporary and desirable at the same time.
Away from all the hustle and bustle. Away from everything that needs to be done.

I sense that people sometimes forget to really live. They forget to enjoy their lives. Days go too fast and in the speed of life people are drowning. Flying through they daily burdens, from appointment to appointment, without even enjoying the conversation or activity because the mind is set towards the next to-do-task. We are just not living in the moment. Consider it as an inescapable conduct; it’s a lifestyle in the end. Stressful and exhausting, and as bills are stacking up, expectations grow and dreams need to be fulfilled – we feel stuck.

So lately, more and more people choose to live their mental life consciously. By participating the principles of yoga and meditation, the mindfulness state becomes part of their daily routine. But there is another significant tendency going on. Although my generation has less money to spend, people are massively joining festivals and concerts. And the tickets ain’t that cheap. Quite remarkable. Having little money, but spending it generously on music? Why would we do that? What is the need? Well it’s exactly that.

We need music. Music has the power to regain – what is in my opinion - the essence of life: enjoying it. This spiritual experience is perhaps the most beautiful thing that music can give to us. Becoming captivated in a certain melody, losing yourself and your thoughts, and just be for a moment – in a trance - that is a spiritual experience.

We need music to find tranquillity and cohesion. Take minimal music. This music has something meditative and hypnotizing which again has a sedative effect. Fascinating, because of the repetitive patterns and small nuances. The repetitive patterns are corresponding with the pulses of your heart. It is the rhythm of life. There is a constant tension present, as the climax is continually extended. It just goes on and on, and the only aim is to find inner piece. So the only thing you can do is just let it go. Just live in the moment. And that is exactly what we are searching for in spirituality: inner peace. We need to be thankful for this free remedy – offered by other searching souls. Lost in today's' rapidity.