This quarter GET ME will focus on religion. While our Western government mostly seems to be occupied with de-popularizing religious glorifications, curiosity for holy activities gains. Searching in our lives for substance like the alchemist’s new gold, more than ever religion seems to confuse us.

Growing up within the scheme of rational thinking as the fundament of our reasoning, it is quite striking how spirituality, the enlightened partner of religion, reclaims the youngster again. As a reaction on our determinedness to find balance between body and mind, healthy food concerns, yoga temples and alternative therapy centres pop up like mushrooms. But there is more than these single individualistic approaches on finding mind peace. Endless packed-back-to-basic festivals, coffee gatherings and what-not collectives, our leisure seems to be mostly spend on finding a certain unity. So we might need faith now more than ever because our ideologies are obscuring the fact that we have more things in common than conflict.

The next couple of weeks we will look in to escapism and music as spiritual experience, how the Western society consider technology as their holy grail, our religious fetishism with imagines, and how popularity rises under young people to convert.