It's endless amount of subcultures - one of the charateristic things of the contemporary street scene. Often marked by many crossovers as the outlines of these scenes getting more fluent. Every now and then there are some people that stand out. They stand out by their contradictions, by their pronounced values, selection of products or shared ambition. Yearly, some of these influencers are selected by GET ME and presented as archetypes. These were the types of last year.

Pictures by Tatiana Stoute

Make-up by Rowan Nolles van Pavoreal


The Fixie boy: Cuts down on food and drinks to invest in hobbies. He highly values the 'authenticity' of products. Retro-sensitive. Very choice conscious and powerful on a shortterm, longterm-plans make him fearful. Consciously nonchalant. Likes to be self provided. Dislikes America and is Europe oriented. Remarkably visually oriented. Relation = best girlfriend. His group of friends is paramount ' we knoweth us'

Model: Bruce is interactive designer and VJ on the side (Awakenings, UFFR, Extrema). For the 'Hogeschool van Rotterdam' he’s doing a research focusing on ”Human Centered ICT”. His ambition is to expand his work abroad and to continue developing himself in making meaningful designs. 'A hyper connected information based society' is how he likes to summarize the current zeitgeist'


The Upgraded Club Slut: Present at every opening, premier or (expo) launch, self-brand talent to the max, status affected, photogenic by nature, styled into perfection, likes to mix English expressions into her statements, sees the world map in fashion capitals (Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Berlin), surrounded by 'gay best friends' and successful like- minded girlfriends, experiences daytime as a the preparty before nightlife starts, is her own business card, starts out as designer and ends up as pr-lady for a strong (fashion) brand.

Model: Anne-Fleur van de Vloed, Student Fashion at the Willem De Kooning Academy, Works autonomously and mainly focuses on re-modeling the human body and the borders between fashion and art.

She’s currently following an internship in London and wishes to take an internship on the other side of the globe (Tokyo). What she wants most is to start working as designer during her internship so she won’t 'fall into a gap' after finishing the WDKA. She describes the spirit of the ages as 'too easy, that’s why it becomes too difficult'


The fashionable nerd: Living the modernday American Dream, associates himself with innovation and progress, like to surround himself with technological subtleties.
Uses Apple products as a 5th limb, is highly sensitive to detail and material in his styling choices.

Model: Kris, Co-owner of BAR, Founder of the Firm for the Happines of the People or Maatschappij voor volksgeluk (MAVV) in Dutch, Inventor of the Kris Fris soda drink.


The Istanbul Promise: with her body in The Netherlands but with her mind in Turkey. Get's her degree in The Netherlands and uses it instantly to herself a job in Istanbul. At home she switches between Dutch responsible cultural TV programs and Turkish soaps. Speaks fluently Dutch and knows how to work her way in the Dutch culture but only truly feels safe with her sisters and best friends sharing the same roots. Likes to flirt without commitment. Modern career minded woman in soul. Grew up with the freedom fought for by the first generation but leaning more towards tradition.

Model: Dilem Arslan graduated at the TV Academy (Media College) as Film Actress. Winner 'presentation talent 2012' local broadcasting awards. Guest appearances including Spangas en Danni Lowinski. Has aspirations of opening her own school for theater and drama once.


The Bittersweet Boy: self-conscious, networker in soul, vain, music = his identity, Telekids kid (commercial television) with Villa Achterwerk aspirations (left wing educational television for kids), family comes first place, being a father is the holy grail, America the promised land, schoes and caps are his greatest asset, in his spare time a gamer and producer, present without fail at every Freshcotton garage sale, Knowledge of arts doesn’t extent much further beyond 'Piet Parra’, entrepreneur.

Model: Louis Bordeaux: Up and coming producer both nationally as internationally. With parties as Heineken (In collaboration with Marc Mac of 4Hero) and Nike Japan he has worked on music productions. Partakes in a variety of musical collectives like PecheNoir (Electronic beats) and FATA (Dutch Hip Hop), he produced the hit ”Hedde Druksop?!” (Fresku ft. Theo Maassen) on the 'Maskerade' album. Louis also delivers productions on the latest album Paperwork' by Hef. His own LP 'Let’s Love Life' got huge response and is used by MTV for commercial purposes it was also aired during a famous BBC radio show by Giles Peterson. Louis Bordeaux always wishes to keep developing himself musically. That’s the reason he doesn’t limit himself to a certain genre, instrument or country. In the end music is universal.