GET ME is an online zeitgeist magazine where individual stories tell the story of our time.

With the advancement of modern technology comes the creation and continued expansion of a virtual community which allows for both intimate and wide-reaching connections.

Within this 'society' we are exposed to a growing amount of daily information and unlimited possibilities. As this world builds momentum, trends morph into hypes and hypes become big news, whilst borders disappear and values gain fluidity.

We live in a brilliant yet complex world.

At times we may feel overwhelmed, and lost in this new life, whilst at others we may fall head over heels in love. Occasionally we may need to step back and take a break from our virtual selves, to get a sense of the bigger picture, and find some direction.

GET ME seeks to bring understanding, relativism, and a surer footing, by delving deeper into the current ideas of love, safety and identity –  each quarter another theme, each year new insights.

Through visual essays, honest portrayals and the exploration of alternative ideas, these creative visionaries bring their Zeitgeist imaging into the status quo. With each unique outlook, these 'pioneers' of our age join forces to tell the story of our time.